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These are mp3 samples. The samples are in mono,
to save downloading time, but the CD's are in stereo.

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Coming On The Wind 2006 Russ Anderson / Anderson Productions, Ltd.
(+ S & H)

Love Is   (listen) only .99
Tuesday Morning (listen) only .99
The Meaning Of It All   (listen) only .99
Coming On The Wind   (listen) only .99
The House Of The Rising Sun   (listen)    
Don't Cry For Me   (listen) only .99
Birds Of A Feather  (listen) only .99
Arise   (listen) only .99
She's Got The Morning In Her Eyes   (listen) only .99
Good Day   (listen)    
Troubled Times   (listen) only .99
Little Lamb   (listen)    
Jesus Loves Me   (listen)    
One   (listen) only .99


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