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Evidence for Jesus / God

I keep hearing and reading things like this; "Outside of the selected gospels collected and edited into the official New
  Testament, there is no corroborating evidence of an actual Jesus existing."
This, of course, is absolutely ridiculous. There
  are at least 20 non-believing authors from antiquity that wrote about Jesus. These include Tacitus, Pliny the younger, and
  Lucian. There is also the Gemara, which is the second part of the Talmud. The Talmud is a central text of Rabbinic Judaism,
  second only to the Torah in importance. While giving a decidedly unfavorable account of Jesus, it inadvertently confirms several key
  areas of His life and ministry that are written about in the New Testament. If you would like to learn more, you can hear quite a good
  lecture on this here... Jesus: Fact or Fable.

- Evidence for God:
This site gives some very good arguments for the existence of God.
                                      "While absolute proof of the existence of God cannot be realized by any human being, the great weight
                                       of evidence, when rationally evaluated, clearly balances the scales heavily in favor of God. We can
                                       demonstrate 'beyond a reasonable doubt' that 'He is, ..."

- Jesus, Zoraster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad
In the list of names above, only Jesus claimed to be God and only Jesus claimed to be the salvation of all Mankind. I have heard it
  said that Zoraster made these same claims, but this is simply not true. This site compares the births, lives, teachings, etc. of these
  five historical figures.Jesus, Zoraster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad.
Jesus is also the only one to claim a virgin birth,
  accept worship (as to God), and claim the ability to forgive sins. None of these others did so. Though I have heard some of it said
  about Zoraster.
This is also not true. Nor is it a belief of Zoroastrianism. To read their core beliefs check out this website.
Zoroastrian beliefs about God

Da Vinci Code - Priory of Sion
All of this is a myth, concocted (badly) by people who are determined to discredit Jesus. The myth, exposed


If you want to find out more about Jesus, just click this link to visit my home church's website. Maybe you could come and see us some Sunday morning.

R. A.