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Coming On The Wind
Released on October 9, 2006

Review by: Preshias (July 16, 2008)
Preshias Tomes-Harris is a music journalist whose monthly column "Inside Track on Music Row" has been published for 12 years in the Nashville Music Guide..... (see more under her full review)
"If you love good music, classy production and a CD to turn on when you need to chill, this one (which was self-produced by Russ) definitely needs to be in your collection."
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Review by: Don Dortch, Agent / Manager / Music Promoter
Don Dortch has been a force in the music industry for many years. Here's what he had to say about Russ' latest CD.
"I recommend to everyone to buy your  CD, 'Coming On The Wind'."  - 
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Review by: Paul Woodland, Managing Director of SonRise Radio
"If you only buy one album in a year, make sure it is this one"
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Review by: Adrian Cherrill (For Cross Rhythms. www.crossrhythms.co.uk)
Rating: (out of 10 stars)

"I suggest you hunt this one down and add it to your collection"
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Ann Pascoe, TLC Radio
NZ Country Music Network, Ltd.
New Zealand

"It's a super album!"
Your album arrived - not sure if it was on the wind!  But what a glorious rich musical sound you have!
It's a super album!  Thank you for sending it to us


Milo's Garden
released in 1998

Review by: Brian Whitney, President of 'Just Plain Folks'.
"Russ Anderson's songs are catchy and instantly likable"
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  Hear the latest interview, broadcast live on February 20, 2009.
Russ discusses his upcoming tour of England.
Listen here



On January 5, 2007, Paul Woodland
of SonRise Radio conducted an interview with Russ Anderson. It was  first aired, January 16, 2007
on the "Music and More" program on SonRise. If you missed it then, you can listen to it here.

Russ Anderson interview - Part 1
Russ Anderson interview - Part 2
Russ Anderson interview - Part 3
Russ Anderson interview - Part 4

On February 11, 2007, Russ Anderson makes Sonrise Radio history, for the first time, by taking positions 1 - 5 in that weeks Top 30! He would do it again, the next week, setting yet another record. Here is the Top 30 Countdown for February 11, 2007, followed by a short interview.
      SonRise Radio Top 30 Countdown



Listen to Russ' interview on Hope FM in Bournemouth, England.
Air Date - Friday June 1, 2007

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This interview was originally aired
on Monday, November 26, 2007, at 10:04:38 AM

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*Read the interview with Russ Anderson, conducted by Cheryl Blake, UM-St. Louis*

interview with Russ Anderson